Developing Preschoolers


It is universally recognised that much of a child’s mental development takes place before the age of five. Between the ages of three an five it is therefore crucial that a child’s natural curiosity and their ability to absorb new concepts is encouraged and enhanced at every opportunity.

Kumon for pre-schoolers provides an exciting and dynamic introduction to the concept of learning, establishing patterns of learning behaviour that will benefit your child for the rest of their lives.



Numeracy and literacy.
The Kumon Mathematics Programme is a fun, interactive introduction to the world of numbers. It concentrates on developing ability to recognise, count and write numbers. The Kumon English Programme develops letter and word recognition whilst increasing your child’s vocabulary and enhancing their love of stories.

Good habits
As with the more advanced areas of the Kumon programme, pre-schoolers are encouraged to do a little amount of work, every day. This is typically around 20 minutes but can be more or less depending on your child’s own level of concentration. Pre-schoolers are also encouraged to attend their Kumon centre twice a week for around half an hour, where Instructors and staff will ensure your child is finding the process of learning to enjoyable and rewarding.

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