Advanced Student Awards

Our goal at Kumon is for every student to reach Kumon International Standard (KIS) and then study beyond. We mark these milestones using the Advanced Student Honour Roll (ASHR).

On average, we aim for students to reach Kumon International Standard (KIS) within 12 months from date of enrolment. This timeline allows students to develop a really strong foundation, which forms the basis of advanced study. The ASHR award levels follow, at 6 months, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years ahead of KIS.

These awards are calculated every three months in March, June, September and December. Students receive certificates throughout the year, and medals towards the end of the year.

Students are welcome to discuss their goals with staff, particularly if they would like to find out what award they qualify for and how to reach the next one. Student goals are always a point of discussion at our parent meetings.